Data Quality is Queen

All insights are based on the quality of the underlying data. We strive to eliminate all sources of bias, some intrinsic and some extrinsic, that pollute data sources. We are always committed to the highest standards of data collection and curation.

Always Pushing for the Highest Quality Data


We adhere to the highest standards of user privacy. All our data is 100% opt-in and ethically collected.

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First Party

Millions of 100% opt-in panelists since 2014, sharing everything from the shows they watch, the items they purchase, to their brand affinity.

All Channels

The DataCube™ is the first and only individual-centric database of 1,000s of Watch and Buy variables, across Digital, Offline Retail, and more.

Deep Long-Term Relationships

Our average panelist has been with us for over 2 years, allowing a rich longitudinal insights.


As the only MR firm with a stable of consumer websites and apps, ABCS offers data on billions of online touchpoints for non-panelists and panelists alike.

DATACUBE™ : Brand, Buy and Watch Data elevated